Sorry For Slacking!

Today's Blogtober post is going to be very short. A very short apology. I've been letting Blogtober slip and I'm so bloody annoyed at myself. Not that I feel that I need to apologise, I just want to make this post so I can hold myself accountable to it 😅

My Holiday Reads!

As some of you may know, I'm heading off on my holidays next week! I'm going to Vancouver which involves some pretty long flights! I've put some films on my iPad to watch but I also want to get some reading done! For day twelve of Blogtober I thought I'd share what I'm planning to read!

Falling In Love With Life Again

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. Social media was full of positive quotes and stories being shared. It was uplifting but also incredibly overwhelming. I talk a lot about mental health and my struggles with my own but I still balk at going into specifics because it's hard. It's hard to write down or even speak aloud something that you've only recently begun to acknowledge.

I discovered this when I sat down last night to try and put my mental health journey into words for a blog post. I came up blank. It actually made me feel incredibly anxious and overwhelmed. I guess I'm still not ready to talk about it. However I can talk about how much I'm loving life at the moment. My mental health is a big part of how I got here and I'm gonna share it in a short but sweet post for Blogtober day eleven.

My Top Amazon Prime Video Picks

Hello lovelies!

We're officially ten days into Blogtober! Next up in my subscription service miniseries (I don't know if that's what I'm officially calling it but it has a nice ring, I guess!) is my top picks from Amazon Prime Video!

Anti-Haul: Makeup I WILL NOT Be Buying

Hello lovelies!

We're almost ten days into Blogtober! I can't quite believe that this is the ninth post! Today's post is a little different! I'm sharing with you what makeup I won't be buying!

I Heart Makeup Rose Gold Palette Review + Look

Hello lovelies!

For the seventh day of Blogtober I have another review and look for you all! The I Heart Makeup Rose Gold Palette! Or by it's right name, which I've since discovered since making my header 🙈, The 'I Heart Chocolate Rose Gold' palette. I hope you'll all forgive the faux pas!

My Top Netflix Picks

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to Blogtober day six! Let's talk Netflix! Who doesn't love a good Netflix binge? It's literally one of the things that makes me happiest in the world. Sounds corny but my happy place is being comfy and watching a good series! Doesn't have to be on Netflix though! I'm gonna be doing a mini series throughout Blogtober where I'm going to be sharing my top binge worthy picks on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV! Of course I'm gonna start with the binge king: Netflix!

Falling For Fall Tag

Hello lovelies!

I was tagged by the lovely Meggan over at Cardigan Jezebel to do the 'Falling For Fall' tag and I thought it would be the perfect post for Blogtober day four!

BPerfect Cosmetics x LMD Master Palette Review + Look

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to day three of Blogtober! It is another palette review and look! I am going to mix up the posts so they're not all beauty related but I got this palette on Friday and I had to review it!

Soph X Makeup Revolution Review + Look

For Blogtober Day 2 I am collaborating with my gorgeous friend Hayley from WearAHalo so please do nip over and give her blog some love! She's a wonderful photographer and her blog photography makes me green with envy! We've teamed up to do a makeup look and review post with the highly anticipated Soph x Makeup Revolution palette!

Things I'm Grateful For + BLOGTOBER!

Hello and Happy October! I am so excited for this month! This summer was not the best was it? Very few sunny days and mostly horrible rain does not a good summer make. Now that it's finally autumn, I can start wearing boots and cosy jumpers again which makes me super happy.

I also have a great trip to Vancouver coming up in a couple of weeks which I am absolutely buzzing for. It's gonna be a good month hopefully!