The Outlander Tag!

Outlander season 2 is a mere THREE WEEKS away from hitting the UK. Now if you haven't experienced the joy that is Outlander, I recommend you go straight to Amazon UK, get a 30 free day trial of Prime and binge watch it immediately. You won't regret it I promise!

If you need any further encouragement, check out this season 1 trailer that Amazon UK put out last year. It's my absolute favourite trailer for season 1 by far!

New Look Wishlist!

One of my absolute favourite pastimes (i.e ways to procrastinate) is to surf various clothing websites and build up a mental shopping basket of stuff that I'm lusting after and that I definitely can't afford! And one of my others is reading blogger wish lists for specific shops! So I thought I'd share what's lurking in my New Look wishful thinking shopping basket!